• Tactile Switches

Which tactile switches are available in the portfolio?

Product NameModel No.Operating Force TravelGND pinFeatures
6x6 Side PushKSMC6A,B0.25YesSnap-in structure
6x6 Top PushKSMC6A,B0.25Yes/NoSnap-in structure
6x6 Top Push Surface Mounting KGS6NB0.25YesReflowable
6x5.3 Radial Taped Top PushKSHC6A,B0.25-
Dia. 8mm Waterproof TypeKSM8W1.96N0.25-Water/Dust-proof
7.2×7.2 Waterproof Surface Mounting TypeKSS7W1.08N0.25-Water/Dust-proof

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