The ToF Camera is a compact, cost effective solution to obtain 3D information of objects using the time of flight principle. It’s designed to work @940nm where the relative strength of sunlight is weak thus enabling the product to be used outdoors. The feature size of Inreivum ToF being is one of the smallest in the market and helps users integrating it for varied use cases. The high resolution depth image with 640×480 pixels enables customers to accurately detect objects. With a large FOV, 90° in horizontal and 70° in the vertical direction Inreivum ToF camera is a cutting edge solution in 3D imaging.

ToF depth image

Key Features & Benefits

  • High resolution depth image 640×480 pixels
  • Small and compact for easier integration (50x 40x 35mm)
  • 940nm VSCEL laser diodes enabling outdoor usage
  • Wide FOV 90°x 70°


ToF Camera Technology

picture of the TOF cameraThis Inrevium camera utilizes the time of flight principle to resolve the 3D depth image of an object by calculating the time of reflection of pulsed near IR light. The source of IR light is either a laser diode or a LED. The depth distance is measured at individual pixel level and is a very accurate way to achieve a 3D depth image of any object. ToF camera can be used to detect the shape of objects, recognize objects based on the geometrical shape and size and also used in surveillance of objects.TOF camera is the promising solution that can be applied to a variety of applications that require 3D information in the industrial field.


Which applications for the ToF Camera?

  • Warehousing & Logistics solutions
  • Factory automation
  • Industrial vision
  • Gesture recognition
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance and Security

Supplier Profile

Company overview

by Tokyo Electron Device Ltd

  • Company name: Tokyo Electron Device Ltd
  • Foundation: inrevium – since 2004
  • Headquarter: Yokohama, Japan
  • FY2014 Net Sales: ¥ 101,801 Million
  • Products: FPGA Evaluation Boards & Platform Solutions, Market Specific IP, Design Service
  • Company home page: