The beginning

We (KAGA FEI EUROPE, former Fujitsu Electronics Europe) started in 2015 with the development and production of own evaluation platforms for the products offered. Beginning 2017 was the start with performing development tasks for customers and building prototypes with local EMS companies. At the end we started with the first volume production project for an industrial application. Since 2019, we are now offering worldwide EMS service utilizing the KAGA EMS network.


KAGA EMS Business

We benefit from KAGA EMS Business, which means:

  • 20 years’ experience in operating own factories
  • Global production and procurement network
  • Unique combination of device and EMS services
  • High quality standards due automotive and medical customer base
  • Flexible customer driven organization
  • Production close the final destination
  • Availability of additional services

The Goal of EMS Business

The main goal is customer satisfaction that’s why the KAGA EMS business is a full service, from the design, through the development until the finished product.
Planning, design development, procurement, manufacturing thanks to a global EMS structure, logistics with a global network such as after sales are in the center of the whole Kaga EMS business.
Many years of experience in different domains such as in the automotive, medical, audio devices, home appliances areas, RFID products and so on…Testing and inspection equipment such as the certification are a guarantee of quality and reliability and compliance.
More details about the Kaga EMS Business are also available here or any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

EMS Factories

The EMS Kaga has several own factories, in total 19 manufacturing sites all around the world, in ASEAN, China, Japan, North America and Europe. Please have a look to the below video in order to discover where the different factories are located.