Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Since 2008, KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH (former Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH) has been awarded the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO = Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter) status by the Customs Authority Darmstadt (Hauptzollamt Darmstadt).

AEO Certification is granted in one of three categories: Simplification by Customs Law (AEO C), Security and Safety (AEO S), or Simplification by Customs Law / Security and Safety (AEO F). We received the highest category, AEO F.

AEO Status speeds up the flow of goods and materials through customs, an important consideration for companies operating internationally.

Moreover, AEO accredited companies are entitled to privileges with regard to security and safety-related customs inspections, and simplification of otherwise complex customs regulations.In addition, AEO Status offers shippers advantages that include privileged and expedited customs clearance, control and confirmation of certificates of origin and community status, and the shortening of advance notification terms.

In order to apply for AEO Status, we needed to demonstrate testable customs and financial accounting as well as proven financial security. Furthermore, we had to demonstrate transparent organisation of their customs processes and appropriate security procedures against unauthorised access to goods or data.

The overall aim of the AEO program is to provide security to the international supply chain starting from the manufacturer of goods and finishing with delivery to the end-user.

Based on a stringent audit conducted at KAGA FEI EUROPE by the Customs Authority Darmstadt, we enjoy AEO Status, which is valid throughout the EU. Above all, it is also acknowledged in Japan and the USA.

In April 2012, Japan Customs has assigned an identification number (A00003V5DE00) to former Fujitsu Electronics Europe as an EU AEO for mutual recognition purposes.

The use of this number by our Japanese business partners will enable Japanese customs to take into account our status as an EU AEO favorably during security analysis, leading to a reduction of inspections and increased predictability of our supply chain.

Supply Chain Accreditations

In July 2012, we have been approved by the German Federal Aviation Office as a “known consignor” pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008.

Our permanent establishment will thus be listed in the EC database of regulated agents and known consignors (RAKCD).

The accreditation is based on compliance with our security program dated June 2011. By undergoing the voluntary audit and obtaining the status of “known consignor”, we ensure that its supply chain meets the highest security requirements, enabling the company to serve its customers as an “A” supplier.

Supply Chain Services

35 years’ experience in Europe & ability to handle various Supply Chain Models

  • Firm Orders or Delivery Plans
    • EDI connections in place to all major accounts 
    • Weekly forecast updates 
    • Fully integrated into SAP 
  • Consignment stocks
    • CMI (customer managed inventory) or VMI (vendor managed inventory) with fully integrated EDI solutions 
    • Self-billing 
    • Stock movement and stock level monitoring using EDI monitors 
  • Buffer, Security, BCM (Business Continuity Management), Bridge Stocks 
    • Available for ATP or reserved/customer specific 
    • Fixed quantities or dynamic (range-of-coverage) 
  • Philosophy to optimize customer requests and vendor requirements
  • Logistics tailored to customer requirements 
    • Ranges from economy service to 1-day logistics from Japan to Customer premises 
    • Warehouse close to Frankfurt and 100% owned & secured by us, incl re-packing capability 
    • Customer specific packaging and labeling 
  • Local programming, tape-on-reel, re-balling services 
    • Many years of experience with trusted subcontractors in Europe

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